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Oil Separators
Petrol separators – Compact and inexpensive to maintain

ACO has completely upgraded its light-oil separators in response to the new European standard EN 858. This product line now sets new benchmarks for separator technology.

Inflammable or explosive atmospheres can build up in the wastewater piping systems of petrol stations, car washes and vehicle workshops. These hazardous atmospheres must be isolated by separator systems. ACO has three solutions available with the ACO Passavant light-oil separators OLEOMAX®, OLEOSAFE® and OLEOPASS®, which all comply with EN 858 and German DIN 1999-100.

All light-oil separators built by ACO are class I separators (certified with 5 mg per litre residual hydrocarbons). After removal of the coalescence element, they naturally also comply with all specifications for class II separators (certified for 100 mg per litre residual hydrocarbons).


The universal separator complying with the latest standards

  • Compact due to practical separator-sludge trap combination
  • Large oil storage volume
  • Hydraulically tested sludge trap Standard cover heights (classes B 125 / D 400)
  • Sludge trapping volume and nominal size selectable in line with requirements

Typical applications

  • Petrol stations, car parks
  • Vehicle washbays
  • Automotive workshops, automotive trade
  • Filling areas, unloading zones
  • Petroleum storages, maintenance operations
  • Transformer stations, power plants
  • Industry and commerce


The safety separator for flood-risk areas

  • Can be submerged by flood water without releasing the oil
  • Minimised sludge trap volume
  • Large storage volume for the safe storage of separated oil before disposal
  • Automatic seal with ballcock – tried and tested solution requiring no mechanical parts

Typical applications

  • Should be installed in all areas at risk of flooding, e.g. near rivers
  • The SECURAT 2001 alarm systems use an oil sensor to measure the thickness of the oil layer at the boundary between the separeted light-oil and the water


The integrated BYPASS separator for cost-efficient drainage of large areas

  • Suitable for draining larger areas in combination with conventional separators
  • All functions integrated within one tank
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Compact

Typical applications

  • Car parks
  • Large paved areas