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Sports Drainage

ACO Sport drainage systems and sports accessories for stadiums and arenas

Throughout the world, the ACO brand is recognised as a leading supplier in the design, development and manufacture of surface water drainage. An extensive portfolio offers the market quality solutions for every application, including Internal and Building Drainage, Landscaping, Sport facilities, Retail, Distribution centres, Highways and Airports.

The ACO group has over 40 years experience of drainage installation, with more than 5 million metres of ACO products installed in the UK - and more than 100million metres worldwide. ACO Sport is a division of the ACO Group, which provides specific drainage solutions and stadia products for sporting facilities, stadiums and arenas. These systems are designed to maximise the functionality of the athletic facility without disrupting the performance of athletes and players.

ACO Sport has a full range of systems available to meet the requirements of any athletic arena from school field to Olympic Stadium.

Since the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, ACO Sport systems have been installed in Olympic stadia all over the world.

Why use surface water drainage systems?

Water is a problem for synthetic surfaces. Damage is caused by standing water, particularly in colder climates where the water can freeze. Water run-off from surrounding areas brings sediments, debris and pollutants, which can increase the rate of surface deterioration. This surface damage can be minimised, or prevented, by proper drainage systems. Effective drainage is critical in the design and construction of any athletic facility; reduces rain delays, improves conditions for runners, coaches and spectators; extends the life and performance of the track surface.

The ACO Sport systems, designed for track and field events, are setting new safety standards in sport and recreation areas. They are designed to protect against injury and provide a boundary system whilst serving their primary function of efficiently draining rain water away from the event surface. In addition to the drainage channels, the ACO Sport Systems include many accessories, such as rubber-capped kerbs, sand traps and service boxes.

Environmental considerations

All materials used in the manufacture and packaging of the ACO Sport systems are 100% recyclable. In using the latest finite element analysis design packages, ACO have ensured minimum materials have been used for maximum performance. By minimising the amount of material used in the manufacture of these systems, the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Not only has the product been developed with the environment in mind, the whole packaging and distribution of the product has been optimised to help meet your sustainable construction targets. The lightweight design not only aids installation but reduces carbon emission linked with the transportation of this product.

ACO Sport Channels and Accessories Products