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Grease Separators
Fully developed products compliant with international standards

Grease separators need to be adaptable and versatile, and be available in various sizes and materials to meet the enormous range of different industrial and commercial needs. ACO has many years of experience in the production of grease separators. Its comprehensive product line includes free-standing and underground grease separators. Precise engineering and in-depth expertise guarantee fully developed, quality-assured and completely tested products that satisfy all international standards.

The ACO product line has an optimum solution for every application. Free-standing grease separators are manufactured from stainless steel or polyethylene. In addition to the two materials, there are also two disposal systems: partial and complete disposal.

Typical applications

  • Meat processing
  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Grilling, roasting- frying kitchens
  • Motorway services
  • Catering facilities

Partial disposal only involves disposal of the grease and solids – this is carried out by ACO's manually operated LIPATOR® or the fully-automatic LIPATOMAT®. Partial disposal saves water and disposal costs. Complete disposal grease separators remove all of the contents.

Underground separators are made of reinforced concrete or polyethylene. The ECO-FPI® is the first and only grease separator made of polyethylene with SLW 60 static certification – it therefore requires no concrete strengthening around the cover plate.

Biological Grease Traps

ACO biological grease traps are compact efficient units which separate fat, oil and grease from wastewater. Heavier solids sink into the sediment basket. A biological activator is routinely introduced into the wastewater upstream of the grease trap and has the effect of breaking down the long chain molecules assiciated with fat and grease.

Typical applications

  • Ships
  • Areas with difficult access for disposal vehicles
  • Combined with wet refuse disposal equipment
  • Commercial kitchens