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Waste Water Management Technology

Fully developed products compliant with international standards

Grease separators need to be adaptable and versatile, and be available in various sizes and materials to meet the enormous range of different industrial and commercial needs. ACO has many years of experience in the production of grease separators. Its comprehensive product line includes free-standing and underground grease separators. Precise engineering and in-depth expertise guarantee fully developed, quality-assured and completely tested products that satisfy all international standards.

Compact and inexpensive to maintain

ACO has completely upgraded its light-oil separators in response to the new European standard EN 858. This product line now sets new benchmarks for separator technology.

ACO Clara Waste Water Treatment Plant

ACO Clara sewage treatment plants are designed for the complete biological purification of domestic waste water and process waste water from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines and similar facilities.