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Cast Iron Roof Drainage
ACO Spin and Gravity roof drainage in cast iron

Roof Gullies

Gullies with pressed sealing flanges but without foul-air traps are used for the efficient drainage of roofs. ACO's modular system for this purpose consists of gullies with nominal widths of DN 70, DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150, in one-part or two-part models, plus accessories.

With the exception of the optional components for green roofs, the components are manufactured from grey iron to DIN EN 1561

Product benefits

  • Variable modular system suitable for different roof constructions
  • Heatable flat-roof gullies
  • Gully body with pressed sealing flange for connection to different types of sealing membrane
  • Non-flammable housing
  • Good connection between concrete and cast-iron

Drainage channels for multi-storey car parks

AQUAPASS® drainage channels are made of cast-iron, have a low nominal height, and are used to drain traffic surfaces such as multi-storey car parks. The modular system includes channel parts with and without connecting pieces, and start and end-plates.

AQUAPASS® channels are suitable for application classes M 125/B 125 according to EN 1253/EN 124. Also suitable for classes C 250 and E 600 when used with a special supporting frame and grating.

Typical applications

  • Roofs
  • Terraces
  • Hospitals
  • Shops
  • Car park deck drainage
  • Green roof drainage