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Grease Traps

Commercial kitchens unintentionally dispose of food waste down the drain when using sinks, cleaning dishes or equipment. One of the main wastes are fats, oils and greases (FOG) used or produced during cooking, which frequently solidify in drains causing them to block.
If external sewers or internal draining become blocked then wastewater can’t leave the kitchen resulting in foul smells and flooding. Grease separators remove FOG from wastewater, keeping the drains flowing.

ACO has many years of experience in the production of grease separators, and offers an optimum solution for every application.

Grease separators need to be adaptable and versatile, and be available in various sizes and materials to meet the enormous range of different industrial and commercial needs. The ACO comprehensive product range includes free-standing and underground grease separators. Precise engineering and in-depth expertise guarantee fully developed, quality-assured and completely tested products that satisfy all international standards. Free-standing grease separators are manufactured from stainless steel or polyethylene. In addition to the two materials, there are also two disposal systems: partial and complete disposal.

ACO Biological Grease Trap System

Designed for below-sink use in commercial kitchens and other food service establishments, ACO’s ROGT - PLUS grease trap prevents grease and food debris from entering waste water and as result, ensures that inner pipework is protected. It is suitable for use in areas where a large grease separator cannot be installed.

The ROGT PLUS grease trap range is available in 2 sizes and includes 3 stage options.