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Airport Drainage Systems

As global market leaders in drainage, ACO has a history of strong innovation and the experience to deliver solutions that meet the demands of the modern aviation industry. ACO products assist airport operators and planners to enhance safety and comfort in airport buildings, in front of the terminal and on the apron.

ACO Polymer Concrete external surface drainage systems combine corrosion resistance with low maintenance costs, ease of installation and versatility making them the ideal solution to many environmental problems encountered with the removal or containment of surface liquids.

ACO Heavy Duty Channels

The ACO S Channel Drainage System has been used extensively on airports worldwide including Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Ghana, Johannesburg, Athens, Paphos Cyprus and Malta.

The S System consists of a one meter long polymer concrete channel with a cast iron rail incorporated and two ductile iron F900 kN gratings bolted to the unit eight times every meter to ensure security.

ACO Monoblock Systems

ACO Monoblock is a one-piece polymer concrete drainage system developed as a solution for a range of surface draining applications from load classes C 250 to F 900.

ACO Qmax Systems

The ACO Qmax line drainage system was developed to satisfy demands for economical high-capacity drainage systems for large catchment areas. ACO Qmax has passed independent load tests to class F 900 in accordance with EN 1433.

ACO CR Polymer Concrete Sub Frame

The ACO Polymer Concrete CR Sub Frame complete with F900kN ductile iron gratings was developed specifically for use with cast in - situ concrete channels to provide a strong, secure and durable solution by the prevention of loose gratings and the degrading of ordinary concrete at the channel surface.

Installed in airports in Saudi Arabia, Cairo International Airport and recently specified and ordered for the new King Shaka Airport in Durban South Africa.

The CR System has proved to be a simple and cost effective method of ensuring a solution to the surface problems that can be encountered by casting an all concrete channel.

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Airport Manhole Covers

ACO produce a wide range of high precision access and manhole covers manufactured in ductile iron, stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised steel to suit all load classes.

Especially suited for use on airports are the ACO Secant multiple recessed covers and the ACO Servocat access covers.

The Airport manhole covers come with easy opening features, giving an ideal solution for manhole covers that need frequent access for a variety of purposes.

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