Product Overview

Throughout the world, the ACO brand is recognized as a leading supplier in the design, development and manufacture of surface water drainage systems.

Our extensive portfolio offers the market quality solutions for every application, including internal and external building drainage, landscaping, sport facilities, retail developments, distribution centers, highways and airports as well as solutions for environmentally sensitive projects.


Internal Building Drainage

1. Roof Drainage

2. Balcony and Terrace Drainage

3. Shower Channels

4. Floor Gullies

5. Pipes

6. Kitchen Channels

7. Covers

8. Grease Separators

10. Wastewater Treatment

11. Line Drainage


External Drainage Systems

12. Kerb Drain

13. Multiline Channels

14. Monoblock Channels
      S Channels

15. Slotted Channels
      Plastic Channels

16. Qmax Channels

17. Oil Separators

18. Covers

19. Point Drainage
      Road Drainage

20. Bridge Drainage