ACO Point Drainage

Removing water is a point not to be missed

ACO point drainage systems are ideal for surfaces which require point drainage for structural or topographical reasons.

The main point about ACO point drainage systems is their many advantages in numerous areas of application:

  • Installation in just a few steps
  • System versions for all surfaces and load classes up to F 900
  • Filter bag for connection to pipe percolation systems. This cleans the water before it enters the pipe percolation area
Point drains at Mall of Africa in Midrand, Gauteng

ACO point drain in polymer concrete, load classes C 250, D 400, E 600, F 900, EN 1433/EN 124. Upper section with integrated cast iron edge protection with cast iron grate, Powerlock® boltless locking system, and integrated lip labyrinth seal.

Typical applications

  • Roads, paths, piazza
  • Car parks
  • Railway platforms
  • School yards
  • Industrial areas
  • Airports


ACO SA Point Drain

ACO Point Drain and garden Gully