Building Drainage Systems

ACO Commercial Kitchens / Food and Beverage Channels

Box, Modular and Slot channels are found to be exeptionally applicable in the dewatering of hardened surfaces such as the Food-, Chemical- and Pharmaceutical industries, or during demanding interior and exterior dewatering solutions. Internal decent, various connecting angles or arc channels guarantee optimal solutions in connection with the level of technology.

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ACO Shower channels as design elements

Function and design are combined perfectly in the ACO Showerdrain and the ACO designer gratings. The high-quality stainless steel look and feel of the channel and the gully satisfy sophisticated demands for continuous level floors.

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ACO Floor gullies – a wide range of multi-application and high performance products

ACO's product line includes a broad range of height-adjustable floor gullies suitable for any type of floor. Drainage is vertical or horizontal. The ACO modular system has a large number of flexible combination options for every installation requirement.

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ACO Balcony and Terrace Drainage: Single and direct drains from ACO Building Services – the complete range

The planning and execution of balcony and terrace drainage systems in houses demands a very high degree of customisation from architects and builders.

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Parking Gullies

ACO Building Drainage cast iron Car park Gullies are designed specifically for trafficked car park applications with direct vehicle access providing a robust, compact and durable drainage solution. Car Park gullies are ideal for multi-storey car parks, shallow parking deck or podium deck applications. 

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ACO Roof Drainage

Flat roofs are sensitive architectural areas. That is why it is critical to plan their drainage systems professionally. Our Application Technology department can assist you in designing the right drainage.

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ACO Uniface 2.0 Access Covers

ACO Uniface 2.0 access covers are designed for horizontal installations. Covers are made from aluminium or stainless steel in different load classes according to EN 124. They are designed according to the filling material into: covers filled with concrete; covers made for filling with pavers; and covers with checkered steel plate on the top. The covers are water-tight and odour-tight. The covers should not be used in temperatures above 70°C.

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