South Africa

ACO building Drainage

Building Drainage

ACO Building Drainage specializes in the development of corrosion resistant drainage systems and building products for interior and exterior applications.

ACO External Drainage

External Drainage

Complete range of drainage solutions for anything from domestic drives to airport runways. The traditional grated systems as well as secure monocast and high capacity systems for environmentally sensitive projects.

ACO Sports Drainage Systems

Sports Drainage Systems

ACO Sport is the most advanced product range for all track and field drainage, used at Olympic sites since 1972.

ACO Airport Drainage Systems

Airport Drainage Systems

ACO system solutions guarantee the highest levels of safety on transport and infrastructure surfaces.

Water management Technology

Water management Technology

ACO products represent ongoing professional development, design and operation of advanced wastewater system solutions and management.

ACO. creating the future of drainage

The ACO Group is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology. Climate change brings us face to face with challenges to respond to new environmental influences by developing innovative solutions. With its integrated approach, ACO stands for professional drainage, economical cleaning, and the controlled release and reuse of water.

We do this by processing polymer concrete, stainless steel, plastic, cast iron and reinforced concrete. Because we make our products in environmentally-compatible processes, and use them creatively, ACO products satisfy up-and-coming demands for technical innovation, economical application, and sustainable construction.